• Morons on parade: TSA steals “grenade-shaped” perfume bottle - 18 Mar 2014
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      I can’t keep up with all these stories. They come too fast and furious, one more idiotic than the next. Although there is sometimes method to the TSA’s madness, as in this case where the employees clearly wanted to steal somebody’s expensive perfume. In Phoenix, Arizona, at Sky Harbor Airport, passenger Lois Lewis was carrying […]

    • Congress should abolish the TSA — it’s time to privatize airport screening - 02 Dec 2013
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      A government study that finds a program doesn’t work and proposes to cut it is almost as rare as pigs that fly. But a new Government Accountability Office study on aviation does just that: it proposes chopping the Transportation Security Administration’s SPOT security program because it finds no evidence that it could stop airline terrorists. The GAO […]

    • Police State unaffected by Government Shutdown - 09 Oct 2013
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      ALERT: Police state unaffected by Government Shutdown. Take Action! Demand Congress to DEFUND and DISMANTLE the police state! Conservative American, Despite the “government shutdown” and the manufactured panic in Washington, the American Police State is in full operation. Federal policing agencies, policies, and programs have not suffered cuts even while Congress remains at a stalemate […]

    • Government Shutdown: An Oxymoron for Real Morons - 26 Sep 2013
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      I did a Google search for this phrase: “government shutdown.” I got 5.6 million hits. The one at the top of the list was from The Washington Post. It began with this: If the House and Senate can’t agree on a government funding bill by Sept. 30, the federal government will shut down. And, right […]

    • TSA seeks 3.4 million rounds of ammo - 23 Aug 2013
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      ALERT: DHS bullet-buying continues, TSA solicits millions of rounds of ammunition. Take Action! Demand Congress to DEFUND and DISMANTLE the police state! Conservative American, The Department of Homeland Security is soliciting more ammunition – this time for the Transportation Security Administration. Seeing that TSA Agents operating within our nation’s airports are unarmed, the Administration’s recent request […]

    • If you love the TSA, watch this - 05 Mar 2013
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      It happened again. At a time when the federal agency assigned to protect America’s transportation systems can least afford it, there was another dust-up involving a young passenger — this time to Lucy Forck, a three-year-old with spina bifida flying to Disney World with her family. When the little girl in a wheelchair is pulled […]

    • Kansas joins list of states trying to rein in the TSA - 20 Feb 2013
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      Kansas is joining a list of states that are trying to curb the abuses and crimes of the TSA, since it’s apparent that Congress isn’t going to do it. Kansas State Representative Brett Hildabrand and 20 of his colleagues have introduced legislation that would make it illegal for the TSA to do what’s already illegal if anyone else […]

    • The TSA wants to be everywhere in 2013 — here’s why we shouldn’t let it - 08 Jan 2013
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      When the Minnesota Vikings faced off against the Green Bay Packers last weekend in Minneapolis, the big story wasn’t that the Vikings defeated the Pack to secure a wildcard berth. It was, strangely, the TSA. That’s right, the agency assigned to protect America’s transportation systems was patrolling the Metrodome. Nathan Hansen, a North St. Paul, […]

    • Are airlines responsible for America’s TSA disaster? - 13 Dec 2012
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      One of the more interesting reactions to last week’s post arguing that the TSA as we know it is dead came from a publicist for one of the airline trade associations. In a polite but insistent email, he claimed I’d misunderstood the congressional testimony by one of his executives. The airline industry rep was criticizing […]

    • It’s Time to Overhaul the Transportation Security Administration - 20 Nov 2012
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      “The TSA has grown into a top-heavy, unmanageable agency, evidenced by its 400% increase in workforce since its founding. The agency’s flaws are not the fault of TSA employees working everyday on the front lines, but instead that of a bloated leadership structure in Washington, DC. When attempting to conduct oversight, instead of cooperation from […]