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    • Would We the People Ratify the Constitution Today? - 18 Apr 2014
      posted in Civil Liberties & Columns & Featured

      We the People are the opening words of the preamble to the Constitution.  Many patriots glory in that name, “We the People” holding it aloft as a banner against the encroachments of an ever expanding central government.   In the minds of many it is connected somehow to Lincoln’s famous description of America’s government, “Of the […]

    • Anti-Freedom Physicians, Policemen, And Pastors - 14 Mar 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Gun Control

      Unfortunately, a vast number of people who are charged with protecting our liberties are often the ones who are engaged in trying to take those liberties away. And the right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as one of the most important (if not THE most important) liberties deserving protection. Without the people’s […]

    • Old and Confused - 03 Mar 2014
      posted in Columns & Culture & Natural Law & Natural Rights & The Constitution

      As I travel the road of life, I find it very interesting how men who lived so long ago and experienced so much of life were able to see what was coming in the future, not to mention what they saw in their own day. Aristotle could not have hit the nail on the head […]

    • The Obama Administration Reportedly ‘Debating’ Cold Blooded Murder - 27 Feb 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Michael Peroutka's Impeachment Chronicles & Natural Rights & Right to Trial & The Constitution & Tyranny

      According to a February 11th New York Times article by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, the Obama administration is debating whether to authorize a lethal strike against an American citizen living in Pakistan. The Crime committed by this person?  Well, we really don’t know and, of course, if this person is killed by a drone […]

    • Have We Become Enemies of the Government? - 19 Feb 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Civil Liberties & Columns & Police State

      “Totalitarian paranoia runs deep in American society, and it now inhabits the highest levels of government… Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, America has succumbed to a form of historical amnesia fed by a culture of fear, militarization and precarity. Relegated to the dustbin of organized forgetting were the long-standing abuses carried out by America’s […]

    • Everyone Loves A Police State - 31 Jan 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Civil Liberties & Columns & Police State & The Constitution & Tyranny

      A few years ago, Reuters News reported that a nationwide poll conducted of the Russian people found that former dictator Josef Stalin was voted the third most popular historical figure. Over one-third of the Russian population participated in the poll. (See the report here: Dictator Stalin Voted Third Most Popular Russian) Can you imagine? Stalin just […]

    • Let the End be Legitimate - 28 Jan 2014
      posted in Columns & States & The Constitution & Tyranny

      This is part four of Robert Broadus’ argument against Article V Conventions. Nationalists at the 1787 convention claimed they were speaking for the People of the States (rather than their States separately,) and as such they were a higher power than the States, with full authority to dissolve or disregard the existing Constitution.  In fact, […]

    • The Leftist Assault on American Football - 27 Jan 2014
      posted in Columns

      I love football.  I watched Peyton Manning lead Denver over New England (I was surprised Tom Brady didn’t pull it off, to be honest), and enjoyed the NFC Championship Game, where the Seattle Seahawks finished off San Francisco.  I had a few phone calls while watching those games, too.  Two of the callers asked me […]

    • Balancing the Federal Budget – A Legal Opinion! - 23 Jan 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & The Constitution

      In a recent conversation, a member of Congress told me that he thought the original Constitution was flawed because it did not require a balanced federal budget. Therefore, he was in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and saw this as a way to limit the runaway spending of the Congress. I bring up this conversation as an example […]

    • Nullification: The Duty and Right of the States (Part I) - 14 Jan 2014
      posted in Civil Liberties & The Constitution

      After perceiving a long train of usurpations of power by the federal government, which culminated in legislation known as Obamacare many Americans took to the streets in protest.  They appealed to the Legislature to no avail. The legislation ultimately made its way to the Supreme Court.  We then witnessed a colossal rewriting of our founding documents in the majority opinion […]