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    • The American Minute: November 12 - 12 Nov 2012
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      High winds and treacherous tides along North America’s coast prevented the Pilgrims from sailing further south to join Virginia’s earlier settlement. Unexpectedly finding themselves with no government authorities to submit to, they created their own government – the Mayflower Compact. It was the first ‘constitution’ written in America. It began: “In ye name of God, […]

    • The American Minute: October 10 - 10 Oct 2012
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      In 1271, Marco Polo left Venice with his father and uncle, and traveled 5,600 miles east to meet Kublai Khan, grandson of Ghengis Khan, who was Emperor of China, Korea, North India, Persia, Russia and Hungary. Emperor Kublai Khan had requested 100 Christian teachers, but only two preaching friars were sent by Pope Gregory X, […]

    • The American Minute: October 4 - 04 Oct 2012
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      A Joint Resolution of the 97th U.S. Congress proclaimed “A Year of the Bible.” It was signed by Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil, Republican President of the Senate Strom Thurmond and President Ronald Reagan, who stated OCTOBER 4, 1982: “Now, therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, in recognition […]

    • The American Minute: October 2 - 02 Oct 2012
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      Historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee died OCTOBER 2, 1975. Providing foreign intelligence for the British during World Wars I and II, Toynbee was a delegate to the Paris Peace Conferences. Educated at Oxford “almost entirely in the Greek and Latin Classics,” Toynbee taught at King’s College of London, the London School of Economics, and the Royal […]

    • The American Minute: September 27 - 27 Sep 2012
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      Crying “No taxation without representation,” he instigated the Stamp Act riots and the Boston Tea Party. After the “Boston Massacre,” he spread Revolutionary sentiment with his Committees of Correspondence. Known as “The Father of the American Revolution,” Samuel Adams, who was born SEPTEMBER 27, 1722, called for the first Continental Congress and signed the Declaration […]

    • The American Minute: September 13 - 13 Sep 2012
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      Just weeks after the British burned the U.S. Capitol, they set out for Baltimore. On the way they caught an elderly physician of Upper Marlboro, Dr. William Beanes. The town feared Dr. Beanes would be hanged so they asked a young lawyer, Francis Scott Key, to sail with Colonel John Skinner under a flag of […]

    • The American Minute: September 11 - 11 Sep 2012
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      In 1683, over 138,000 Muslim Ottoman Turks surrounded Vienna, Austria. For two months they had starved the 11,000 Hapsburg-Austrian defenders. Sultan Mehmed IV had sent the message to Austrian King, Leopold I: “Await us in your residence…so we can decapitate you.” Secretly, Polish King Jan Sobieski, gathered 81,000 Polish, Austrian and German troops and on […]

    • The American Minute: September 7 - 07 Sep 2012
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      The Journals of the Continental Congress record: “Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 7, 1774, 9 o’clock a.m. Agreeable to the resolve of yesterday, the meeting was opened with prayers by the Rev. Mr. Duche’. Voted, That the thanks of Congress be given to Mr. Duche’…for performing divine Service, and for the excellent prayer, which he composed and delivered […]

    • The American Minute: September 6 - 06 Sep 2012
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      Born SEPTEMBER 6, 1757, his father died before he was two-years-old and his mother died when he was twelve, leaving him to inherit their fortune.  At 14-years-old, he joined the French Military and, at age 16, became a captain. He married Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles, whose family was related to King Louis XVI. At […]

    • The American Minute: August 22 - 22 Aug 2012
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      Born AUGUST 22, 1934, he served in Vietnam, commanded the U.S. forces in Grenada and Desert Storm, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and knighted by the Queen of England. This was four-star General “Stormin Norman” Schwarzkopf. In an interview regarding the Gulf War, General Norman Schwarzkopf of Central Command (CENTCOM), stated: “I asked for […]