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    • Illegal alien crisis: MS-13 recruiting youngsters at U.S. shelters - 11 Jul 2014
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      The most dangerous and bloodthirsty street gangs in the United States — including MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) with more than 70,000 members – have discovered a human treasure-trove of potential members and they’ve begun their own recruitment drive at some of the less protected shelters housing illegal alien minors who have entered the United States, according […]

    • Lawmakers, Border agents call for immediate deportations of ‘Obama kids’ - 07 Jul 2014
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      During the Sunday morning news shows, a number of Republicans and advocates for legal immigration called on The President Barack Obama to deport the children — and adults hiding among them — as they amass at the Texas border and that deportation should to take place immediately. What’s turned into a full-fledged national crisis has […]

    • Lawmakers to Obama: Respond to illegal alien children pouring into U.S. - 26 Jun 2014
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      President Barack Obama and his administration continue to receive memos, letters and emails practically begging the Commander in Chief to officially deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border with Republican lawmakers calling for a more aggressive Obama plan to deal with the “human tsunami” of illegal alien children young adults pouring illegally into the […]

    • Phony scandal? IRS information on tax exempt groups sent to FBI - 11 Jun 2014
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      With most of the nation’s news media covering what President Barack Obama and his minions like to call the latest phony scandal — namely the prisoner swap which entailed trading five top Taliban terrorists for one suspected deserter — the American people probably missed the latest revelation on Monday involving Obama’s IRS “phony scandal,” according […]

    • Al-Qaeda leader dressed in ‘drag’ arrested by Syrian government - 05 Jun 2014
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      Syria’s government troops on Tuesday arrested the commander of a ruthless and deadly al-Qaeda group when he attempted to escape looking like a Muslim drag queen, according to Middle East news outlets. An army unit loyal to President Bashar al-Assad captured the Ahrar Al-Sham leader after the terrorist group was defeated in an intense battle, […]

    • Killer robots used by police agencies a new UN focus - 13 May 2014
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      As the world’s weapons systems become more and more sophisticated and less and less expensive, the concept of killer robots will move from sci-fi books and movies onto the United Nations’ agenda during an international meeting of experts on Tuesday in Geneva, Austria. Of particular interest is the use of these systems by police forces, […]

    • Al-Qaida-linked Islamists crucifying prisoners in Syrian rebellion - 01 May 2014
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      Despite President Barack Obama and his administration’s use of verbal gymnastics to explain their claims that al-Qaida is on the decline, jihadists linked to that terrorist network are executing their enemies and hanging them on makeshift crosses, according to media reports emanating from the Middle East on Wednesday. The alleged crucifixions occurred Tuesday in the […]

    • New documents reveal Benghazi cover up emanated from White House - 30 Apr 2014
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      President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, while serving as U.S. ambassador to United Nations, was coached by the White House to say the Benghazi slaughter of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was a spontaneous act by protesters who were angered by a YouTube video rather than a planned Islamist terrorist attack on the […]

    • Lawmakers blast Obama’s DHS for Libya policy reversal - 21 Mar 2014
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      Four top GOP lawmakers are demanding that the Department of Homeland Security come clean on its proposed rescinding of the United States’ Libyan policy prohibiting citizens from that country from working in the aviation industry, according to a letter sent on Wednesday. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va.,chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., […]

    • Global poverty tax next on Obama agenda, claim political strategists - 17 Mar 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Globalism

      President Barack Obama’s decision to pass this nation’s control of the Internet’s over to the United Nations, as reported on Saturday by the Daily Caller, may be the key that opens the door to a global tax on American citizens, something the United Nations has all but prayed for, say several political strategists. The Daily […]