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    • Punishing Government Corruption - 16 Jul 2014
      posted in Columns

      Oftentimes in America, it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel concerning national affairs. America is inundated with the crimes of those who represent and serve “We the People,” and often the American people are under the impression that criminal representatives suffer no consequence. Also, the American people are […]

    • Who Do Chemical Corporations Care About? - 06 Jun 2014
      posted in Columns & Kill the EPA by Brian W. Kelly

      “Who Do Chemical Corporations Care About?” is chapter 6 of Kill the EPA!, written by Conservative Action Alerts contributor Brian W. Kelly. Purchase a copy here. The views represented are the author’s own. Corporations are built to survive! So, now that we have defined the notion of a corporation and we looked at the general […]

    • After 50 Years, Washington Has Lost the War on Poverty - 05 Jun 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Welfarism

      Fifty years ago, LBJ’s speech writer, Richard Goodwin, was asked to strip naked and swim with a naked Lyndon Johnson. Press secretary Bill Moyers, the only LBJ senior staffer who survived the administration with his reputation intact, also had to jump in. He still regales us with his opinions on PBS — the last Wise […]

    • What Law Is and What Law Isn’t: Why It Matters - 29 May 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Natural Law & The Constitution

      Last year, the legislature in my state of Maryland, enacted something called Senate Bill 281.  This “enactment” (notice, please, that I am not calling it a “law”) blatantly violates the God-given right for Marylanders to keep and bear arms for their individual and common defense, and its purpose and intent run contrary to the clear […]

    • Will Facebook Bring Down the Government? - 01 May 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Speech

      I am going to ask a rhetorical question. When was the last time you saw a positive political cartoon for Obama? It is not just Obama’s problem. How many positive cartoons did you see for George W. Bush after 2003? For that matter, how many positive cartoons did you see for Bill Clinton? How many […]

    • Time for a new infrastructure growth initiative - 28 Mar 2014
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      Forty-three years ago this month, Congress signaled America’s retreat from economic and transportation leadership. Amid tense debate, the solons in both House and Senate killed funding for a next-generation commercial airliner, the Boeing 2707 Supersonic Transport (SST). The narrow votes against the high-tech effort shocked the industry. Not only had the SST earned the support […]

    • Brewer Veto Represents the Pursuit of Unhappiness - 13 Mar 2014
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      When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently vetoed a bill that would have given some measure of protection to business owners in Arizona who wished to exercise their liberty of conscience and their right NOT to be associated with persons and activities that violate their religious beliefs, she demonstrated, I believe, what happens when civil government […]

    • A Strong Breed of Men - 11 Feb 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Big Parties & Civil Liberties & Columns

      As most Americans are now painfully aware, our Constitution was not a perfect document, for there were certain powers granted to the government that should never have been granted. But if interpreted literally, it was a magnificent beginning because it valued freedom so highly. It was, and still is in conception and meaning, the greatest […]

    • Five Essential Questions to Ask a Candidate - 30 Jan 2014
      posted in Civil Liberties & Columns & Natural Law & Natural Rights & The Constitution

      What do you say when someone running for office asks for your vote? Let’s say someone knocks at your door and they smile and tell you that they are running for State Delegate or State Representative or State Senate, or maybe for some County office like County Council or Sheriff. Maybe they are running for […]

    • The Leftist Assault on American Football - 27 Jan 2014
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      I love football.  I watched Peyton Manning lead Denver over New England (I was surprised Tom Brady didn’t pull it off, to be honest), and enjoyed the NFC Championship Game, where the Seattle Seahawks finished off San Francisco.  I had a few phone calls while watching those games, too.  Two of the callers asked me […]