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    • Another Phony Budget Debate - 14 Apr 2014
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      Anyone watching last week’s debate over the Republican budget resolution would have experienced déjà vu, as the debate bore a depressing similarity to those of previous years. Once again, the Republicans claimed their budget would cut spending in a responsible manner, while Democratic opponents claimed the plan’s spending cuts would shred the safety net and […]

    • China slashes waste with ‘anti-extravagance’ drive - 20 Jan 2014
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      ALERT: China slashes waste with ‘anti-extravagance’ drive. Fax Congress – Tell them to CUT spending! American Conservative, It’s a sad day for America when communist China is doing more to cut government excess than our elected servants in Washington. In 2013, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China implemented an eight-point ‘anti-extravagance’ plan to […]

    • Cut Spending by … Cutting Spending - 07 Nov 2013
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      House and Senate budget conferees have begun meeting in an attempt to head off another potential government shutdown when the latest continuing resolution expires, on January 15. In theory, the committee is supposed to report no later than December 13, but few on Capitol Hill expect them to come up with a deal by that […]

    • No Debt Ceiling Hike — Take Action! - 16 Oct 2013
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      “A failure to raise the debt ceiling would not cause default, but it would force us to balance the budget. It would perhaps make Washington politicians begin to take the disastrous spending problem seriously.” – Sen. Rand Paul ALERT: Tell Congress to OPPOSE a Debt Ceiling Hike! Blast Faxes to Lawmakers! Conservative American, Don’t believe […]

    • Cultural Roots of a Fiscal Crisis - 14 Oct 2013
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      We ought to think about the cultural roots of the budget crisis in Washington. The political left says the shut down is all about an ideological tantrum of a handful of Republicans. Certainly Tea Partiers have an ideology and vision about what ground rules would produce a more prosperous, freer, and fairer America. But let’s […]

    • The House Republicans are the adults in the room when it comes to debt talks - 11 Oct 2013
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      President Obama’s minions call conservative House Republicans  jihadists, arsonists and terrorists.  He claims they will harm America’s full faith and credit by demanding fundamental changes to the out of control spending in Washington. Conservative Republican House members claim raising the debt ceiling by a trillion to 18 trillion, 600 billion annual deficits and having the […]

    • Cruz, Republicans Vow to Hold Firm on Obamacare Demands - 30 Sep 2013
      posted in Medicine & Politics & Govt & Senate

      A conservative challenge to the president’s health care law has the federal government teetering on the brink of a partial shutdown. The Senate has the next move on must-do legislation required to keep the government open past midnight on Monday, and the Democratic-led chamber is expected to reject the latest effort from House Republicans to […]

    • Up the Limit by a Dollar - 30 Jul 2013
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      According to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Obama has been “crystal clear” in his response to the debt limit: Obama wants it raised this fall. The Treasury Secretary told Fox News Sunday that the president will not negotiate with Republican lawmakers on spending bills that cut government spending to raise the debt ceiling before September 30. […]

    • Growing Government and Slowing Growth — Obama’s Contradiction - 08 May 2013
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      With unemployment still hovering near 8 percent, President Obama has made it a second term priority to increase economic growth. Yet the president’s own policies, which have lead to a significant growth in the size and cost of government, may make it difficult, if not impossible, for the United States to grow at the rate […]

    • How Serious Are Republicans? - 01 May 2013
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      Shortly after President Obama finally released his proposed budget a couple weeks ago, Representative Greg Walden of Oregon, the chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee, launched a stinging attack on the president not over the president’s call for more taxes and spending or because the president’s budget never balances and adds trillions to the national […]