• The GOP Establishment ‘endorses’ Ted Cruz 2016 - 19 Jun 2014
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      Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the Republican establishment’s man in 2016. No, really, you read that right. I haven’t gone crazy, and Cruz hasn’t gone Colonel Kurtz, like so many other conservatives we send to Washington, D.C., have. Once they breathe in the airborne contagion known as RCV (“ruling class virus”), the only known cure […]

    • We Need Tea Party Leadership Chosen on June 19 - 17 Jun 2014
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      American Conservative, What happens between now and Thursday is of extreme importance. You probably have heard it already, but last week tea-party-backed economics professor David Brat defeated Eric Cantor at the polls. This is a historic win. To put it bluntly, Brat’s recent win scared the hell out of the Establishment and their friends in […]

    • Regaining Middle America - 23 May 2014
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      Now taking his third shot at the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey, Jeffrey Bell has spent his career warning of the risks of kicking the cultural leg out from under Ronald Reagan’s coalition of defense, economic, and social conservatives. Indeed, his 2012 magnum opus, The Case for Polarized Politics, argues that social […]

    • GOP lineup for N.J. Senate - 22 May 2014
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      It has been 42 years since a New Jersey Republican has won a U.S. Senate election, and Democratic Sen. Cory A. Booker – who won election last year by 11 percentage points – is expected to extend that streak in November. Yet the odds haven’t kept four Republicans from squaring off for the nomination in […]

    • Maybe Jeb Bush really doesn’t want to be president after all? - 20 May 2014
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      The conventional wisdom inside the beltway is Jeb Bush’s biggest impediment to being the Republican nominee in 2016 is his enthusiastic support for amnesty and Common Core, which are non-starters for the GOP base. As usual, the 202 area code’s conventional wisdom is wrong: Jeb’s biggest obstacle to being the third member of the Bush clan elected president is himself. Let’s […]

    • Why the GOP is So Divided - 12 May 2014
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      The following is an excerpt from the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” Several times during the 2012 campaign I had newspaper reporters from across the country contact me for my take on what Mitt Romney has to do to rally his base for the general election. I always told them […]

    • Tea Party alive and well — and influencing blacks - 12 May 2014
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      What’s all the crowing about regarding North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis’ victory in the North Carolina Republican Senate primary this week? I’m talking about the crowing that this is some kind of defeat for the Tea Party. Sure, Greg Brannon was the Tea Party candidate and endorsed by Rand Paul. And, yes, the Republican […]

    • Meet the GOP’s digital media experts who are disrupting the party’s campaign strategies - 09 May 2014
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      A month ago, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., announced the new website of House Republicans at GOP.gov. Its design is modern, clean and responsive, it’s accessible on any device, has easily searchable legislative data (including voting history), makes direct connection to Republican representatives through social media, and gives real-time information from the House floor. That’s remarkable for […]

    • Iowa’s field of dreams becomes snapshot of GOP nightmare - 06 May 2014
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      Years of betraying its base has the Republican Party in open civil war, and nowhere is that dissention and dysfunction more apparent than the first in the nation caucus state of Iowa where I live. When I started doing local radio in 2006 on the legendary Des Moines radio station 1040-WHO, where former President Ronald […]

    • Why Republicans Can’t Beat Obama - 24 Apr 2014
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      To understand why the Republicans can’t beat President Obama, you must first recognize the three kinds of people that inhabit contemporary American politics – crusaders, gangsters, and groupies. The crusader is out to win an argument with history. Although all fallible human beings are motivated by self-interest to some extent, the crusader’s primary motivation is […]