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    • Tax Reform is Useless Without Spending Reform - 19 May 2014
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      Recently, Republican leaders in Congress unveiled a “tax reform” plan that they claimed would provide the American people with a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax system. While this plan does lower some tax rates and contains some other changes that may make next April a little less painful for Americans, there is little in […]

    • Why We’re No Longer Number One - 05 May 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Economy & World

      Last week World Bank economists predicted that China would soon displace the United States as the world’s largest economy. The fact that this one-time economic basket case is now positioned to surpass the US is one more sign of the damage done to American prosperity by welfare, warfare, corporatism, and fiat money. Some commentators have […]

    • Keynesianism’s Ugly Secret - 23 Apr 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Business & Columns & Economy & Inflation & Jobs & Money & Prices & Regulations & Stimulus

      It is now five years since the crash of 2008. Today’s media and much of our academic crowd, of course, believe that the crisis has been handled, and that we can settle back to “business as usual.” But such pundits are so immersed in the Keynesian paradigm that they are viewing only the trees, not […]

    • 10 things YOU can do to STOP Obama - 04 Feb 2014
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      American Conservative, Barack Obama and his Big Government allies hate it when you take action. They hate your faxes. They hate your letters. They hate your phone calls. They absolutely despise any and every conservative effort aimed at stopping their progressive agenda. Make no mistake, Obama and his cronies know that liberty-loving, constitutional conservatives are […]

    • Who Will Win the War Against Income Inequality? - 20 Jan 2014
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      We will still call it the United States of America.  We will still tell ourselves we are free, prosperous, and powerful however we may all be whistling in the wind. From each according to their ability to each according to their need was the hollow promise of the Soviet Union.  It was long known to […]

    • Inflation: The Economics of Addiction - 16 Jan 2014
      posted in Columns & Economy & Inflation

      Remnant Review Inflation: of all the dangers to the free market economy, historically and theoretically, the greatest is this one, yet it is one of those subjects that remain wrapped in mystery for the average citizen. This elusive concept must be understood if we are to return to the free market, for without a thorough […]

    • The FED’s New Normal: $900 Billion a Year . . . Indefinitely - 19 Dec 2013
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Property

      The Federal Reserve will continue to expand the monetary base by $900 billion a year. This is down from $1 trillion a year, or a reduction of 12%. The announcement triggered an increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 293 points. The FOMC released a statement, as it always does. This statement removed all threat […]

    • Dollar Imperium Intrigues - 16 Dec 2013
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Economy & Globalism

      A while back the folks at The Dollar Vigilante came up with a theory regarding the crisis in the Eurozone. They wrote: The US Government has created a cartel of rating agencies. It officially recognizes S&P, along with Moody’s and Fitch, as Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSRO’s) and, moreover, requires financial institutions to constrain the riskiness […]

    • Nazi Counterfeiters and the Fed - 13 Dec 2013
      posted in Big Finance & Big Gov & Columns & The Constitution & Tyranny

      During the Second Word War, Germany devised a secret plan to undermine the British economy by flooding the country with counterfeit Bank of England notes. Codenamed Operation Bernhard, in recognition of its mastermind, SS Major Bernhard Krüger, the plan involved a team of 142 counterfeiters, drawn primarily from the inmate populations at Sachsenhausan and Auschwitz […]

    • China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars - 27 Nov 2013
      posted in Columns & Economy & Money & The Economic Collapse

      China just dropped an absolute bombshell, but it was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States.  The central bank of China has decided that it is “no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves”.  During the third quarter of 2013, China’s foreign-exchange reserves were valued at approximately $3.66 trillion.  And of […]