• Senate Debates Murray-Ryan Budget Deal — Take Action! - 17 Dec 2013
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      ALERT: The United States Senate in thirty-hour debate period on Murray-Ryan Budget. Take action and blast your personalized faxes to U.S. Senators right away demanding that they OPPOSE the Murray-Ryan Budget! American Conservative, On December 12, the House passed the Obama-approved, government-growing Murray-Ryan Budget 332 to 94 — and Harry Reid said Friday he intends to “process [the budget] […]

    • Send Boehner Back to Ohio! - 12 Dec 2013
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      As smart as Paul Ryan may be, he was too willing to cave on the budget. That was not smart. Maybe Paul Ryan really isn’t so smart. He signed the country up for ten more years of generational theft and undid the last two years worth of right-track cuts. Who really cares about tomorrow when they can […]

    • Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose - 25 Oct 2013
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      Washington, DC, Wall Street, and central bankers around the world rejoiced this week as Congress came to an agreement to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling. The latest spending-and-debt deal was negotiated by Congressional leaders behind closed doors, and was rushed through Congress before most members had time to read it. Now […]

    • The Deficit Is Still Bad News - 12 Jun 2013
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      To listen to much of the mainstream media recently, one would assume that the battle against the national debt has been won. First came a report from the Congressional Budget Office indicating that budget deficits over the next few years would be lower than previously predicted and that, therefore, the national debt would be growing […]

    • Debt Ceiling and the 14th Amendment - 17 Jan 2013
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      In June of 2012, Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that the 14th Amendment makes the federal Debt Limit unconstitutional. According to the House Democrat Leader, Barack Obama could avoid the whole debt-ceiling showdown with Republicans by simply invoking the “obscure constitutional provision” in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. According to Pelosi, the statutory borrowing […]

    • The Overrated Debt Ceiling - 16 Jan 2013
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      Sometime in the next 30 to 60 days the federal government will reach the legal limit on its ability to borrow, setting up the next potential budget crisis in Washington. The debt is currently $16.4 trillion, technically in excess of the statutory limit, and the Treasury Department has been using “extraordinary measures,” such as delaying […]

    • We Need a Better Debt Debate - 10 Oct 2012
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      If there was a bigger loser than President Obama on that Denver debate stage last week, it was the conversation about our national debt and the fiscal crisis threatening this country. Throughout the 90-minute debate, both candidates made frequent references to the deficit, the debt, or balancing the budget, but showed little willingness to actually […]

    • Fiat Money – Buying the Stairway to Heaven - 31 May 2012
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      The globalists have confused us into believing that fiat money is the cause of our depression. Debt-money is the real problem, and true fiat money, if we can get it, will bring heaven on earth. Many believe that fiat currency is the cause of our problems, and gold is the solution. I contend that  the […]

    • Time to swear off runaway spending and let recovery begin! - 22 May 2012
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      When noted Academicians write to the President and tell him to stop spending, you know they are serious. In February 2012, Stanford University economist John Taylor was one of 150 economists who signed a letter to President Barack Obama urging spending cuts. Taylor took the time on his personal blog to explain in simple terms […]

    • 95% Of The Jobs Lost During The Recession Were Middle Class Jobs - 02 May 2012
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      Who is the biggest loser in the ongoing decline of the U.S. economy?  Is it the wealthy?  No, the stock market has been soaring lately and their incomes are actually going up.  Is it the poor?  Well, the poor are definitely hurting very badly, but when you don’t have much to begin with you don’t […]