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    • California Republican Party Partners With SEIU (NOT a Typo) - 25 Mar 2014
      posted in Big Labor & Big Parties & Columns

      You are known by the company you keep.  Recently the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) gave a total of $25,000 to the California Republican Party.  I was told by a party official there were absolutely no conditions on the money.  The SEIU was also a “sponsor” of the California Republican Party convention a week ago […]

    • Pelosi’s Not Going Home - 31 Jan 2014
      posted in Big Gov & People & Politics & Govt

      For House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the bad news keeps piling up. On Thursday, longtime Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman, a Pelosi ally and fellow Californian, announced he would retire at the end of this Congress. That closely follows Rep. George Miller’s (D-Calif.) decision to also leave the House at the end of the year. While […]

    • Smith & Wesson to stop selling guns in California - 27 Jan 2014
      posted in Gun Control & To Bear Arms

      Smith & Wesson announced it will stop selling its handguns in California rather than manufacture them to comply with the new microstamping law. The other publicly traded firearms manufacturer in the U.S., Sturm, Ruger, also said this month that it will stop new sales to California. The announcement late Wednesday came a week after the […]

    • California to provide Illegals with Driving Permits - 03 Oct 2013
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      Introduced on January 7, California Assembly Bill 60 will receive Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on Thursday to allow aliens driving permits to legally drive in the Golden State. Governor Brown changed the language of Assemblyman Luis Alejo’s bill to make it clear that non-citizen driver identification be marked with “DP” — for driving privilege — […]

    • One by one, California agents track down illegally owned guns - 29 Aug 2013
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      State and federal laws are increasingly being written in violation of natural law and their societal consequences are beginning to show — less individual responsibility, less security, etc. — which only gives lawmakers more impetus to pass more unnatural laws, making the problem worse. The following story stands is proof that disarmament is beginning in […]

    • Tim Donnelly, the man who would be California’s Governor, talks immigration and the failed state on our border - 18 Jul 2013
      posted in California & Columns & Immigration & Politics & Govt

      Tim Donnelly is the California Assemblyman representing the 33rd district, which includes the town of Hesperia.  The 33rd District is close to the border with Mexico and is in the cross hairs of illegal immigration. Tim is nationally known and has announced his intent to seek the GOP nomination for Governor of California, America’s most populous state. Tim […]

    • Sacramento Democrats Understand Extortion: Big Corporations and Oil Companies Targeted—They Pay/Get “Results” - 20 Jun 2013
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      A note from the author: Legislation in California is not based on need or out of concern for the good of the people; it is based on power politics, the Nanny State and extortion. Extortion?  Yes.  Like organized crime, politicians run a game on corporations: “Either give us large donations,” they say, “Or we’ll regulate […]

    • Marita Noon: Greenbacks Beat the Greens in Uber-Green California - 17 Jun 2013
      posted in Big Green & Columns & Energy & Environment & Property

      If there is anyplace the gang green can expect to get its way, it would surely be California. The state has the highest renewable energy standards in the country, the legislature is currently dominated by a liberal supermajority, and Governor Jerry Brown’s environmental record runs deep. When the Energy Information Agency reported that California’s Monterey […]

    • What is your state doing about gun-control? - 05 Apr 2013
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      ALERT: Gun-control must be rejected at the State level! Fax all 50 state governors demanding that they defend the People’s Second Amendment! Conservative American, It’s not just the government of Washington that is trying infringe upon the Second Amendment — some state governments are doing the same. Just yesterday, the Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, pictured above, […]

    • “Fracking” Could Bring Another California Miracle - 21 Mar 2013
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      In 1994 California was going through a real drought, not the man made one created by the Feds, Arnold and Jerry to protect the delta smelt, fairy shrimp and salmon.  Governor Wilson had no resources, no disaster aid could compensate for the lack of water available for cities and farmers alike. Then in March, 1994, […]