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    • Mainstream media don’t know Big Green has deeper pockets than Big Oil - 16 May 2014
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      The “Kill Keystone XL” crowd isn’t little David up against a Big Oil Goliath. As usual, conventional wisdom isn’t wisdom when the mainstream media ask all the wrong questions with commensurate answers. Behemoth Big Green outstrips Big Oil in expendable revenue by orders of magnitude — if you know how to follow the money. The mainstream media don’t […]

    • Stunning Supreme Court victory vindicates property owners beset by Big Green’s ‘rails-to-trails’ movement - 14 Mar 2014
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      Dick Welsh is not a name you’ll find in Monday’s huge property rights victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, but he was the biggest winner. It was his vindication. Welsh is the Washington state property owner who became a reluctant hero as the father of the “reversionary rights” movement in 1985 when a chunk of […]

    • Lack of science literacy helps global warmists spread their gospel - 20 Dec 2013
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      Would it make any difference to the public whether the climate gurus in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are right or wrong about dangerous human-caused global warming if only a weak minority of Americans knew what carbon dioxide is? Or what the carbon in their carbon footprint is? Or that their own body is […]

    • Death by Renewables - 16 Dec 2013
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      “Even green projects have an impact on their surrounding environment.” Green energy, specifically so-called renewables, has been sold to the American public as the answer to a host of crimes against the planet. But, as Lex Berko points out in her post on Motherboard, “even green” has its downside. Biomass may be “renewable,” but burning […]

    • Big Green’s well-financed death grip on fisheries policy must be broken - 13 Dec 2013
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      President Obama’s administration has added to its war on coal and its wind-farm eagle-chopping policy and is trying to yank seafood out of America’s diet. For more than a decade, the National Marine Fisheries Service has devoured fishing fleets while Big Green’s money octopus prods the feds by waving grant-eating enviros in its tentacles, causing them to hook the […]

    • National Park Service is supposed to work for America, not for Big Green - 06 Dec 2013
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      It’s not over yet, although it seemed like National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis was off the hook for attempting to sabotage energy production and hydraulic fracturing on federal land — until Tuesday. Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, chairman of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation, was performing normal oversight monitoring of […]

    • Behind the war on coal’s big-money networks - 29 Nov 2013
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      Let’s face it, President Obama and his administration’s appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency are deliberately and methodically destroying the coal industry for ideological and political reasons. Obama’s latest war-on-coal assault is the EPA’s proposed requirement that new coal-fired electricity-generating plants must comply with “carbon capture and storage” standards for cleaner emissions — which many […]

    • Here’s the man who knows what Reagan would do - 22 Nov 2013
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      Environmentalists want a Utopian world where they don’t use anything and deprive everyone else of affordable energy so they can’t use anything. That barbed sentiment comes from a veteran of the Big Green power wars during President Ronald Reagan’s administration: William Perry Pendley. He’s better known these days as Mountain States Legal Foundation’s outspoken and ground-breaking […]

    • Native Americans are among chief victims of Big Green’s war on coal - 18 Oct 2013
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      Global government policies to reduce carbon emissions will not prevent a hydrocarbon world. That’s what the World Energy Congress heard this week from energy research experts Wood Mackenzie. The firm’s president of global markets, William Durbin, said that coal will surpass oil as the dominant fuel later this decade because of aggressive economic expansion in […]

    • EPA manipulates the FOIA to help Big Green - 06 Sep 2013
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      There they go again. “The Environmental Protection Agency has been caught placing hurdles in the path of groups it views as hostile or inconvenient to its agenda,” veteran Freedom of Information Act hurdle-jumping attorney Chris Horner told me this week. While working for years to get FOIA requests filled by the EPA for the Competitive […]