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    • Mitt: The Man Who Wouldn’t Be President - 20 Feb 2014
      posted in Big Parties & Columns & People

      I recently watched Mitt, the new behind-the-scenes documentary that chronicles former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s two failed presidential bids. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. It’s a revealing and mostly unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at a man most Americans still don’t think they know, despite the 5 years he spent on a […]

    • Why Republicans Didn’t Win in 2012 - 14 Aug 2013
      posted in Columns

      At last Republicans can read a coherent explanation of why they didn’t win in 2012, despite high unemployment and a dismal economy, the unpopularity of ObamaCare, and many scandals such as Fast and Furious. Best-selling author Dr. Jerome Corsi, who spent three weeks traveling with the Mitt Romney campaign, listening to every stump speech, gives […]

    • Lies and Clever Myths - 24 Jan 2013
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Numbers & Politics & Govt

      The best thing about math is that it’s a constant. The numbers are what they are. That’s why I’m a data guy, because as a person that believes in absolute truth I have a tendency to like things cut and dried. Leading up to the 2012 election several lies and clever myths were postulated by […]

    • It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn - 26 Nov 2012
      posted in Columns & Corruption & Vote

      Honesty is always the best policy because when you’re fooling yourself you’re not fooling anyone else.  The recent election should have been a wake-up call for everyone committed to the traditional principles of our great Republic: constitutionally limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom.  The weeping has lasted for a night, and now it is […]

    • What now? - 16 Nov 2012
      posted in Columns & The Constitution

      The November 6 election outcome has many friends of the Constitution dispirited. As so often before, they hoped that by defeating federal candidates contemptuous of constitutional limits and replacing them with others, they could help restore our Constitution. Obviously, that decades-long strategy has failed—spectacularly. They also have long hoped that by appointing the right people […]

    • Calling a Spade a Spade - 16 Nov 2012
      posted in Columns & Corruption & Vote

      To the Progressives who fight voter ID I want say, “This voter fraud. Here it is? There was massive and systemic voter fraud!”

    • Republicans must learn from disastrous election - 12 Nov 2012
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      Disbelief is the word that defines the Republican state of mind in the wake of the 2012 re-election of President Barack Obama. The obvious questions are: “How can Americans have re-elected a president who has presided over an economy where unemployment still hovers at 8 percent?” And, “How can Americans have re-elected a president who […]

    • History Holds Its Breath - 02 Nov 2012
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      The hour is too late and the outcome too important to use the subtle innuendo of the professional objectivity all Historians are trained to present.

    • Without Hope You’re Hopeless - 12 Oct 2012
      posted in Civil Liberties & Columns & Life & Natural Law & Natural Rights & Principles

      No matter what the polls say I believe that the American people still believe in freedom.

    • Is There Any Hope of Change? - 07 Sep 2012
      posted in Big Gov & Civil Liberties & Columns & Economy & The Constitution & Tyranny

      The two major political parties have a lock on power in the United States. The election laws, the media and family voting patterns all collude to make the election of a third party candidate to the Presidency a near impossibility. The closest in the lifetime of anyone reading this happened in 1992 when Ross Perot […]