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    • Too Fat to Go to Jail? - 20 Mar 2014
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      Sometimes, a headline really can speak volumes. Unfortunately for my word count, this is just such a time. The “new morality” is practically old hat by now, but our new normal has some interesting consequences, especially in the realm of the courts. Even a lawless society can still have courts, you see. And when courts […]

    • Update: City Forcing “Partial Dependence” on Widow Living Off the Grid - 05 Mar 2014
      posted in Big Gov & Columns & Globalism & Tyranny

      Reagan’s nine most terrifying words have become America’s nine-word mantra: They’re from the government, and they’re here to help. So when a city government went after a Florida widow for living “off the grid,” without the city water and power systems, they were doing it for her own good. Naturally. A few weeks ago, we […]

    • City uses “international code” to evict widow from her house - 30 Jan 2014
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      Oh, America. A nation of pioneers and rugged individualism, founded by fearless folk who were willing to brave all of nature’s cruelty, forgoing city comforts and amenities, to settle the untamed land. Just for a place to call their own. Their property. Their home. Until we discovered that the government, not the property owner, actually […]

    • School Skips Pledge, But Reads Muslim Poem on 9/11 - 20 Sep 2013
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      September 11th is perhaps the most solemn day on every American calender and conscience. It’s the anniversary of the day our enemies invaded, highjacked our airplanes, devastated New York City, and murdered thousands of innocent civilians, declaring war on America in the name of Mohammed. The day our world changed forever. What better day for an […]

    • Do No Harm: Doctors Killing Disabled People? - 06 Jun 2013
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      Ah, the beauty of our progressive society. It seems like only yesterday we were marveling at the UK politician who openly proclaims that disabled children should be killed “like deformed lambs… smashed against a wall.” This profile in postmodern courage is simply bringing back the oh-so noble idea of eugenics: a means of uplifting society […]

    • Bestiality: The New Normal - 14 Mar 2013
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      Admit it. You all thought I was crazy. When we talked about the “slippery slope” of sexuality, and how casting off traditional restraints on what is good/right/healthy for human beings could lead to whole new depths of depravity (the likes of which were last seen in Roman bacchanalia ’round about the time the Barbarians attacked). […]

    • Public School Gives Out Obama T-shirts - 15 Feb 2013
      posted in Columns & Education

      Ok, I know there are some people who still get a bit offended when I talk about “government schools,” or “tax-funded indoctrination centers.” You can be honest. You think my outrage at the dramatic downward spiral of student standards, the censorship of even the barest symbols of God and country, the usurpation of parental roles […]