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War: What is it Good For?

I am a supporter of our troops.  I believe they are patriots and America’s best.  It is not the bravery or skill of our troops that I question; it is the imperial foreign policy which sends them as sacrifices on the altar of political ambition that I question.

The President of Afghanistan, the man we installed and the leader of a land that is a nation in name only recently accused the United States of colluding with the Taliban to keep the war going. According to his spokesman, “The people of Afghanistan ask NATO to define the purpose and aim of the so-called war on terror… (They) consider this war as aimless and unwise to continue.”

I am a supporter of our troops.  I believe they are patriots and America’s best.  It is not the bravery or skill of our troops that I question; it is the imperial foreign policy which sends them as sacrifices on the altar of political ambition that I question.  The cruel calculations of political elites using our service men and women as pawns on their partisan game board are shameful.  The most shocking example of this is President Obama’s announcing a surge in troops at the same time he announced the exit strategy for leaving the country.  What could be more counterproductive than telling an asymmetrical partisan enemy that if they hang on long enough we leave and you win?

Look at Iraq.  We went to war to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction which even President Bush eventually admitted were never there.  We went to war because our leaders intimated that Iraq had a hand in the sneak attacks of 9-11 based on a rumored meeting between an Iraqi agent and Mohamed Atta another claim that has since been repudiated.  Did we go to war to correct the partial victory we gained in Gulf War I under George I?  Did we go to war as George II later claimed to make the Mideast safe for democracy?  Whatever the reason for invading Iraq, a nation we supported for years, a nation which had not and was not planning to attack us, what did we accomplish and what do we have now that we are gone?

What about Afghanistan?  After the sneak attacks on 9-11 we had every legal and moral right to attack the nation that harbored and protected Al-Qaeda.  However, to keep faith with the Constitution a declaration of war should have been obtained.  Our armed forces waged a brilliant campaign that dismantled the Taliban regime in short order.  Then instead of saying, if it happens again we will come back again, and leaving we have stayed for more than ten years squandering hundreds of billions building a nation for people who don’t see themselves as a nation.  They are a collection of tribes grouped together by the necessities of international politics surrounded by a porous border and a history of ungovernable conflict.

Does anyone doubt that after we leave Kabul the Taliban will return?  Does anyone doubt that the training and weapons that we have given to our Afghan allies which are turned against us on a regular basis will form the bedrock of future Taliban strength?

The Constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to declare war.  This limitation on the prerogative of our chief executive to commit America to war without the consent of the citizens was considered one of the most important strengths of the document.  The founders of our nation came from a society in which autocratic kings had often plunged their nations into wars based on their own desires, whims, and political machinations.  Those who wrote the Constitution to be the framework for a new type of nation were determined that we should never go to war unless it was the expression of the people through their elected representatives.

There hasn’t been a declared war since World War II and yet our sons and daughters have fought and died in countless battles around the world.  With the war in Afghanistan set to wind down the Neocons and Progressives are beating the war drums daily for intervention in Syria and war with Iran.

I believe once the truth is known America, in keeping with the Obama Administration’s on-going policy of supporting Islamic Radicals, has been supplying weapons to the Al-Qaeda led Syrian rebels for years.  I contend that the Missionin Benghazi and its satellite CIA Safe-House was in reality a conduit for transferring untraceable weapons from the captured Libyan arsenal throughTurkey to the rebels.  So when it comes to Syria we are already there, and now our Neo-con cheerleaders want us to directly intervene.

The same goes for Iran.  There is a shadow war that has been raging for years between Israel with American support and Iran.  This shadow war consists of assassinations of nuclear scientists, bombing nuclear facilities and uploading computer viruses into computers used to control the cyclotrons used to enrich uranium on the part of the allies.  The response has been attacks against Israeli citizens around the world and even a bombing attempt in Washington D.C.

This is not enough.  America has been goaded into imposing draconian sanctions against Iran.  Sanctions which if imposed on us we would be consider acts of war.  Once again this is not enough.  The Neocons are working day and night to get us to deliver some shock and awe all over Iran all in the name of peace.

Iran has not attacked another country in the memory of anyone who is alive today.  Or in the lives of the ancestors going back hundreds of years.  America’s intelligence agencies unanimously tell us, Congress, and the Administration thatIran does not have a nuclear weapons program. Iran is a signer of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and as a part of that treaty it is guaranteed the right to develop nuclear power for peaceful means.

As part of the big push to get us into another war we are told “Containment is off the table.”  Usually soon after we are told “All options are on the table.”  Why is containment off the table?  It worked during the Cold war when we faced off with an enemy many times larger with thousands of nuclear weapons on delivery systems aimed at our cities.  Why won’t it work against a nation that at this point has no nuclear weapons?

Why is it acceptable for North Korea to have nuclear weapons but not Iran?  Does anyone think the Ayatollahs are crazier than the new boy dictator of the Kim dynasty?  There is no doubt that the United States military has the ability to destroy Iran’s conventional defensive and offensive resources within a short time.  It is obvious we could, “Bomb them back to the stone age” as the saying goes.  However that wouldn’t necessarily mean that some of the stones thrown later in the contest might not hurt. Iran has an unknown asymmetrical war capability.

It is believed that their allies in Gaza and Lebanon would immediately attack Israel.  The Iranians would also do all they could to interrupt the supply of the oil upon which we continue to allow ourselves to need.  They would attempt to attack the oil fields of their neighbors, to close the Straits of Hormuz, attack nearby American bases, and possible stir up rebellions in Sunni ruled countries with either sizable Shiite minorities or in some cases majorities.  We might even face terrorist attacks here in the Homeland.  This war would not be a cake walk.  The military and economic consequences would be immediate and they would be dire.

However, as dire as these consequences would be these are not potentially the most troubling. War opens the door for domestic changes that would not be possible during normal times.  While we have been and are engaged in a multi-generational seemingly endless series of wars this war might be different.  While all our other wars have been fought over there the civilian population continued to live as if Americans were not in harm’s way even though they were.  In other words we managed to have both guns and butter, war overseas and peace at home.  In the case of a war with Iran we might face a situation that could bring the war home to America in multiple ways.

Economically gas could skyrocket causing dislocation in our fragile economy.  On the military front terror sleeper cells could be activated in America or terrorists could come in through our porous southern border.  Both the economic impact and terrorist activities would open the door for drastic government action which could well negatively impact our lives.  Rights are often curtailed in times of emergency.   The cost of war is often seen in the growth of government power and the loss of freedom at home.

Our worldwide military presence is not keeping us safe and in many ways it is provocative.  Peace and equitable trade with all is the course recommended by our founders.  It was the foreign policy of every administration until McKinley and the default position until FDR.  Let us return to our traditions and reject these endless wars for peace.  Let us quit supporting other economies with our foreign bases.  Let us end the many entangling agreements that bind us to fight for others who should instead fight for themselves.

With real peace we could perhaps deal with the domestic issues that are tearing us apart and driving us into bankruptcy.  Every patriot should recognize the danger new fronts in our never-ending war will have on our current battle to maintain personal liberty, individual freedom, and economic opportunity here at home.  Consequently patriots should do everything in their power to stop the stampede to war.  Stand up for real peace and not for more wars for a peace that never comes.

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Dr. Robert R. Owens

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The author correctly outlines all the bad policies and mistakes of our political leaders. But the politicians could not do it without the connivance of the volunteers ("the troops") who carry out all those bad policies. "The troops" are part of the problem just as much as the policy wonks. They should not volunteer. They are not helping the country by "serving".

January 15, 2014 at 1:19 am

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Use Your Head

Argh! So as a libertarian leaning conservative, the war issue always gets me with more "main line" conservatives. Until a few decades ago Republicans were generally more anti war than Democrats, but for different, more logical, reasons. Because they saw the futility in getting involved in foreign entanglements, and the costs both to liberty at home and to the nations pocket book. Not simply because they were silly utopians, but because IT MAKES SENSE.

The reality is many of our top military and intelligence men, those with their heads screwed on straight, have blamed all our troubles in the middle east on the correct culprit… OURSELVES! Have any of you guys ever heard of "blow back"? THAT is why these people are pissed at us. We toppled a democratically elected, secular government in Iran (Because of US and British Oil interests I might add!) to install a tyrannical puppet government. It lasted for a couple decades, and the people got tired of it, got rid of the Shah, and were taken over by extremists. They got pissed because many of them had had their fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, and daughters MURDERED by a dictator the good ol' United States Of America put in charge of their country. I highly doubt the secular, democratic government of Iran would have become much of a foreign policy issue if we hadn't installed a dictator.

Then there's all of our meddling in the affairs of all the other Arab countries. We've basically been doing as we like to these poor people for decades… And generally what "we like" is against their best interests, and involves killing them. Is it any wonder they're mad at us? We helped keep Saddam in power for as long as it suited us, even though we knew he was an asshole. He used OUR chemical weapons to murder innocent people. We've backed Israel every time, whether they were doing something that may have been just, or whether it was one of their obviously aggressive, unjust military actions.

SO, now you have to ask yourself… Would these people hate us so much if we hadn't been screwing them over for decades, helping tyrants to murder their relatives??? The correct answer is: NO. They would not hate us so much. They might not be fond of us, but it wouldn't be like it is now.

Before the last few decades there wasn't a "religious war" between Christians and Muslims of any significance for centuries. It was all political wars with the Ottoman Empire. Political wars aren't good, but they're not like the mess we have created now. If we STOPPED screwing them, gave it a decade or two, they would all calm down. Let them have at each other. Have their civil wars, kill each other all they want, do whatever. Eventually the older generations that remember the asshole Americans coming in and bombing their cities to rubble would die out or get over it IF they saw us no longer being the bullying assholes we have been.

Besides all of that, the fact is we can't afford to be an Empire. We've spent more money and lost more lives trying to "stop the terrorists" than if we had simple concentrated on protecting ourselves within our own borders. So where is the logic in that? The terrorists didn't do 1 trillion dollars worth of damage to our economy. The terrorists didn't kill 4-5000 Americans and maim/cripple for life tens of thousands more. WE DID THAT by going in and fighting unwinnable wars. Wars we KNEW we wouldn't be able to exit with any long lasting good, stable result. If you can get into a fight, and you know the other guy can't take you out, but you can't take him out… What is the point of standing there punching each other repeatedly when there will never be a winner? Why bloody your nose for no reason? Just walk away. It's what logic dictates.

Ultimately no matter what you believe to be "right", you need to use your head, and think about things coldly and logically. If we had a 9-11 every decade we would save a trillion dollars a decade, a couple thousand dead, and tens of thousands of severely wounded people. Beyond looking at the cold math, it's purely being an irrational, emotional, egotistical, idiot. A nation the size of the US cannot afford to be irrational about matters of such importance… Matters that have the power to bankrupt our whole civilization… Just like the Romans… Just like the Spanish… Just like the British… Etc.

We simple can't afford to continue foreign policy the way we have been, whether we want to or not. The fact that after a decade or two of leaving these poor people alone they would become less Anti American is merely a bonus!

So, fellow conservatives, pull your heads out of the sand, use some LOGIC instead of emotion, and maybe we can save this country from all of it's other woes that are FAR more important than what ought to be domestic problems of Arabs half way around the world.

April 2, 2013 at 12:43 pm

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John Marsh


"We might even face terrorist attacks here in the homeland" Might we? What was 09/11? What was Fort Hood? (ignore the Obama administrations lie that this was mere workplace violence).. What are any of dozen or more plots that the FBI or other agencies have discovered and broken up? When was this article written, 1973, before Iran took our embassy personnel hostage and declared war on the west in general and the USA in particular? This one sentence alone pretty much disqualifies the entire article from serious consideration as a knowledgeable piece of work in spite of his long windedness'

April 2, 2013 at 4:14 am

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Charlie Foxtrot

Hey John, you find those WMDs yet? Lol! Also, you might wanna look up the name Mohammed Mossadeq and U.S./UK backed-coup.

If you can tear away from Fox News for a second that is.

Thank you Lew Rockwell site!

January 15, 2014 at 5:36 pm

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Shock Me

You might want to look up Ali Razmara before you chirp about "democratically elected" Mossadeq.

July 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm

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Charlie Foxtrot

And you might wanna look up committing acts of war against peaceful nations. Find those WMDs yet slick?

July 9, 2014 at 5:26 pm

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wounded defecator

I'll make this simple. With the exception of the War of Independence and the War against Northern Tyranny aka War for Southern Independence; all wars have been treasonous acts. And of course all victims of same have died for nothing, defending no one.

March 30, 2013 at 7:37 am

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But the War of Northern was treason by definition (Article III Section III)

Google "Zinn Holy Wars"

April 1, 2013 at 4:32 pm

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I was looking forward to reading this article because I believe, as our Founders did, that war should be an absolute last resort. I was extremely disappointed to find just one more liberal professor making up his own set of "facts". News flash, Bob, Iran has been at war with the U.S. ever since some extremists over ran our embassy, took and tortured American hostages. Their revolutionary guard and kuds forces are in the full time business of supplying weapons to any terrorist organization which gets a notion of killing Americans. "Our intelligence agengies unanomously tell us that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program". Really, Bob, that strains credulity. One might suggest that Iran, Pakistan and North Korea have conspired to pass nuclear intelligence to one another purely to antagonize the U.S. We had no choice but to go into Afghanistan after they refused to turn over Bin Laden and the rest of the 9/11 planners. However, Dubya stated unequivocally that we would not be "nation building", yet here we are ten years later.

March 29, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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