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Public School Gives Out Obama T-shirts

Posted By Rebekah Maxwell On February 15, 2013 @ 3:00 am In Columns,Education | 8 Comments

Ok, I know there are some people who still get a bit offended when I talk about “government schools,” or “tax-funded indoctrination centers.” You can be honest. You think my outrage at the dramatic downward spiral of student standards, the censorship of even the barest symbols of God and country, the usurpation of parental roles by government officials, the peddling of self-esteem as the only commodity to our tiny epicureans….well, you think I’m overstating it.

Our schools wouldn’t really be that blatantly schilling for government, would they? They aren’t really just cheerleaders for Obama, right? Those are just the big-city radicals, right?

Below is an email from one of our listeners, who was dismayed to find his son’s little elementary school distributing T-shirts celebrating Barack Obama:

My name is Matt Latcham, and I have a son who is a 4th grader at Wellman Elementary school in Wellman, Iowa. (which, by the way, is an extremely conservative town) It is a part of the Mid-Prairie school district.

On the night of January 10,  2013, I got a call from a parent of a fifth grader asking me if my son had received an Obama t-shirt from school and brought it home.  I immediately asked my son if he had received an Obama shirt, and much to my delight his response was “Why would I want an OBAMA t-shirt!?” He then told me that he did not receive one and knew nothing about them.

In continuing the conversation I learned that the Wellman Elementary fifth graders were given shirts with a picture of the front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette from Nov. 5th 2008 on them.


I obviously have no problem with the fact that The Gazette had them printed, it is their right as a private entity to do so.  I do have a huge problem
with the fact that they were handed out at a public school.

First thing in the morning on January 11th, I called the principal, Evan Parrott, to express my concern with these shirts being given out in my child’s school.  Mr. Parrott proceeded to tell me that the school was in no way endorsing anyone by giving out the shirts, and that in fact a note had gone home with each student, and that the 5th grade students were told that they didn’t have to take them, but could if they wanted.  He also said that they were given the shirts by The Gazette and felt like they couldn’t turn down free t-shirts to give away.

My immediate response was to ask him if the school would give away shirts that had ‘Jesus Saves’ across the front, if they were free to the school.  The question was obviously dodged and our conversation ended by him telling me that an e-mail would be sent out to parents explaining the situation.  There was no acknowledgement of any wrongdoing, but rather an acknowledgement of miscommunication.

Shortly thereafter  the following e-mail was sent out by the school district to fifth grade parents.

Subject: Gazette t-shirts

There is a BIG mis-communication floating around regarding the Gazette t-shirts that went home with some students.  I would like to address this:

The Gazette contacted ALL teachers involved in the Newspaper for Education program.  They said they were clearing out the office, and found 500 t-shirts that were printed with the front page of when President Obama was
first elected.  We were given the opportunity to get these free t-shirts. Every student who took a shirt, also had to take a green sheet of paper that said:

We were given the opportunity to get free t-shirts from the Gazette Newspaper. Your child opted to take one of the free t-shirts. We as a school
or classroom ARE NOT ENDORSING ANY PARTICULAR PARTY OR CANDIDATE, but didn’t feel we could pass up the opportunity for a free shirt.

Not quite sure how a school administrator can say straight-faced that a shirt that clearly celebrates a “good night to be a Democrat” isn’t endorsing any political party…but, given the dearth of anything resembling consistent logic in our education system, I suppose that direct contradiction could be overlooked.

Nor is it particularly surprising that a government school would laud the god of government, and the head of that church, the President. It is, after all, government that giveth and government that taketh away, in the doctrine of the Dept of Ed.

But instead of focusing on just how deeply our children have suffered in the negligence and brainwashing of the last 40 years, let’s return to Matt’s great idea.

He asked a great question: would the school give away shirts that said “Jesus Saves” across the front, if they were free to the school? That certainly seems to be the only defense the school leaders can provide: that the benefit to the students of having a free T-shirt (that they could choose to take or leave) should outweigh any potential offense of the message on said T-shirt.

Hey, churches…I’m talking to you. I know you have extra T-shirts (you practically use them as currency in youth groups). Couldn’t you spare a few hundred to clothe the kids in your school? Give them the option to wear a cool new shirt, and one that just might teach them the most important truth they’ll never get in school.

Tea Party, I’m talking to you, too! If you’re concerned about the open indoctrination of your kids, why not introduce a little bit of real history into the mix. Get some great quotes from the founders and give them out on T-shirts. Just give them to the school for free…they have no other requirement.

These are not idle, theoretical musings. Don’t just make the generic “oh, can you imagine if I tried to do that? They wouldn’t let me! That’s unfair. I’m so upset that we’re leading our children blindly, that I’m gonna blog. But I can’t get off my chair and do anything about it. I’m powerless.”

None of that ideological victimhood here, friends. I want to see a different truly American organization at that school each week, T-shirts in hand. Make them turn you down. Make them prove the fallacy of their own weak justification. Draw some attention to the hypocrisy. And you never know! Maybe, just maybe, help a little mind open, when they realize that there’s more than just the government’s crooked way to look at life.

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