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Reid to use Nuclear Option to Kill GOP Filibuster Power, Blow up the Senate

“If you take away minority rights, which is what you’re doing because you’re an ineffective leader, you’ll destroy the place. And if you destroy the place, we’ll do what we have to do to fight back.” – Sen. Tom Coburn comments on Harry Reid’s attack on the Filibuster.

Alert: Stop Harry Reid and Senate Democrats from Restricting the Filibuster – the GOP’s last defense within parliamentary procedure. Fax Congress Now.

Conservative American,

The Democrats majority-hold on the United States Senate is only a recent fact. Just a few years ago they were in the minority, outnumbered by Republicans.

In 2006, the GOP majority once contemplated changing Senate rules by a vote of 51 – rather than the general 2/3 majority – and the Democrats kicked and screamed in opposition. They clamored that the GOP’s possible invocation of the rare 51-vote option was the wrong thing to do; in fact, they called the method the “nuclear option,” suggesting that it, like a hypothetical bomb, would blow up the workings of the Senate.

Yet, right now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is threatening to use this very same approach – the one he disparaged so harshly just a few years ago. Yes, Harry Reid is en route to doing the very thing he criticized the Republicans for considering; he wants to use the so-called nuclear option to blow up the Senate and disarm the GOP! Mr. Reid wants to use the option to dismember the filibuster, allowing his majority party to strip the minority party of a vital tool of dissent without considering the minority’s vote.

Why has Reid “flipped flopped”? That’s simple: because his party holds the majority and he wants to exercise all the power he possibly can. Without any apparent regard to his former “conviction,” Mr. Reid wants to completely silence the voices of his GOP opposition, making it that much easier for him and his party to pass their terrible legislation.

But we can’t let that happen. We must act now and make our voice heard – We must demand U.S. Senators to keep their hands off of the filibuster, the minority’s last tool of defense.

Select Here and TAKE ACTION – Fax Every Member of the United States Senate and DEMAND that they PROTECT the Filibuster from Harry Reid and the Democrats! Tell Members to REJECT any rule-change that would limit the Filibuster!

Senator Reid’s efforts to restrain the voices of his Senate opponents are only growing – he is now closer than ever to changing the rules.

In the beginning of the 112th Congress – the current Congress – Senator Reid said that he made a mistake by not going through with “sweeping filibuster reform,” according to a POLITCO report.

And since the recent election – where Democrats took even more seats in the Senate – Mr. Reid re-stated his commitment to curb the filibuster. He said,

“I think that the rules have been abused and we are going to work to change them … We’re not going to do away with the filibuster but we are going to make the Senate a more meaningful place.”

A “more meaningful place”!? Far from it!

What Reid is planning on doing is setting the rules to favor the majority party over the minority in Congress’ Upper Chamber; in other words, he wants to serve Democrats by silencing Republicans!

Will you fax the Senate and demand a filibuster “rule freeze”? We must not allow Harry Reid and the Democrats to curb the voices of the GOP members of the Senate by limiting the power of the filibuster! After all, Harry Reid was formerly against filibuster reform when his party, the Democrats, was in the minority position.

Select Here and TAKE ACTION – Fax Every Member of the United States Senate and DEMAND that they PROTECT the Filibuster from Harry Reid and the Democrats! Tell Members to REJECT any rule-change that would limit the Filibuster!

The filibuster is the Republicans’ key defense against Big Government democrats and their terrible bills – one of the few they have as the minority.

Mr. Reid as the Majority Leader has consistently done all he is able to stop the GOP from challenging his party’s bills – he has in many cases even completely blocked Republicans from even offering amendments to legislation. In other words, Mr. Reid has already been successful in tying-up his opponents by preventing them from have any say in the laws he wants passed!

Columnist Guy Benson of Townhall.com notes that Mr. Reid has “employed this maneuver, known as ‘filling the amendment tree,’ more than his six immediate predecessors combined” in his efforts to “prevent the GOP from advancing amendments that would paint Democrats into difficult political corners.”

Similarly, Senator Mike Lee condemned this tactic on the Senate floor this month; he said,

“I implore [Sen. Reid] … to reconsider this practice of ‘filling the tree’ and thereby forestalling the introduction of amendments. We need an open amendment process. Our status as the world’s greatest deliberative legislative body requires nothing less.”

This is to say that since the GOP are often blocked from having any effective input in the legislative process – blocked from even making meaningful amendments – their last tool that remains is the filibuster.

This is why it is so important to tell the U.S. Senate not to go along with Mr. Reid and his ‘filibuster reform’ –

Select Here and TAKE ACTION – Fax Every Member of the United States Senate and DEMAND that they PROTECT the Filibuster from Harry Reid and the Democrats! Tell Members to REJECT any rule-change that would limit the Filibuster!

In short, a filibuster is a procedural tool used to block legislation from taking a vote – it is the ability of a particular member – in this case, a Senator – to “talk out” a particular disagreeable bill, thereby stalling it and preventing its passage.

The filibuster, though generally used as a type of “last resort,” is not an extreme, silly, or inappropriate exercise. It is a powerful, meaningful tool that allows convicted members of Congress to stall bad legislation, thereby protecting the American people.

This is not to say that the filibuster can’t be used to prevent good legislation – it can and has been used for such ends – but, regardless, it must remain an option.

Harry Reid’s effort to attack the filibuster – which Republican Senator John Cornyn called “an abuse of power” that will “shut down the Senate” – is meant to directly affect Senate Republicans and their ability to filibuster against his bills and his agenda.

He knows that if he succeeds in strapping-down the filibuster, the GOP will be essentially without defense against legislation in which they disagree.

Let’s be clear on this: Harry Reid should not be allowed to shutdown the GOP by disarming them of their last defense. Say NO to Harry Reid’s “Filibuster Reform” and Fax the U.S. Senate -

Select Here and TAKE ACTION – Fax Every Member of the United States Senate and DEMAND that they PROTECT the Filibuster from Harry Reid and the Democrats! Tell Members to REJECT any rule-change that would limit the Filibuster!

With Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and even more Democrats elected into the Senate, it is crucial that the filibuster remains in the coming Congress.

The GOP must have access to the filibuster to block all legislation that would deprive Americans of their liberty!

Mr. Reid has a host of “unfinished business” to push on domestic affairs and in accord with the United Nations. The former includes the FISA Amendments, Cybersecurity, the Farm Bill, etc., while the latter includes the Disabilities Treaty, the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Small Arms Treaty, and perhaps even a treaty that would allow the U.N. to regulate the world’s internet (which may result from the U.N.’s early – December International Telecommunications meeting.)

The GOP has their work outlined for them – they must reject Mr. Reid’s and all attempts to enlarge are already-too-big federal government! And their tool last tool is the filibuster.

Our GOP Senators must remain able to filibuster on the Senate floor – the rules must not be changed.

We must tell the U.S. Senate to vote AGAINST any measure to change the rules of the ever-important filibuster.

Take Action and Fax Every Member of the United States Senate and DEMAND that they PROTECT the Filibuster from Harry Reid! Say “NO” to Filibuster Reform!

For America,

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First, it wasn't the Democrats who originally used the term "nuclear option"; it was Bill Frist, at that time the Republican Majority Leader of the Senate. Second, Reid's proposal — which will certainly go into effect — merely requires any senator who wants to filibuster to actually stand up on the Senate floor and talk for as long as he or she wants to, in opposition to whatever bill or nominee he or she is against. Given the fact that the senate Republicans have filibustered a record number of times since Obama took office, and have been the worst obstructionists since WW II, the move to make filibustering a little more consequential is quite appropriate. And for all those so-called "constitutionalists", the filibuster ain't in it! But the principle of "majority rules" definitely is! The problem here is that the right-wingnuts don't like the principle of "majority rules" when elections produce a black president!

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