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Pro-Liberty Republican running against Waxman in California’s new 33rd Congressional District

Christopher David, a Ron Paul activist and youth organizer since 2007, is the only Republican running in California’s new 33rd Congressional District, challenging longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Henry Waxman.

Christopher David is the only Republican filed to run against entrenched Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman. Christopher faces a total of three other Democrats, one Independent, one Green, and one Libertarian running in California’s first open primary since the implementation of Proposition 14.

Democratic registration in the new district is at 44% with Republicans at 28%. A Decline to State voter population comes in at over 22%.

Christopher has been a staunch supporter of Ron Paul since 2007. In 2007, Chris traveled to Iowa along with 300 other young people to campaign for Ron Paul before the caucuses. Chris stayed involved through 2008, helping to launch the continuation of the Ron Paul youth effort, the non-profit organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

While working for YAL, Chris pioneered a project, Year of Youth, to elect youth to local offices all across the country in 2012 and every two years thereafter. His congressional campaign reflects an expansion of that project to include a nationwide youth-driven political movement for real change.

Christopher David has been endorsed by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, along with the top two challengers against Henry Waxman in 2010 Chuck Wilkerson, and David Benning

This release was prepared by Ivan Chen for the Christopher David for Congress 2012 campaign; visit their website is

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