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Meckler resigns from Tea Party Patriots

Mark Meckler, co-founder and national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, resigned on Friday, according to a press release from the group.

“Mark Meckler’s resignation as an employee and from the Tea Party Patriots board follows months of discussions and good-faith differences on how best TPP can serve the Tea Party movement,” the statement read. “He felt it necessary to step aside and pursue other endeavors. We extend our best wishes to him. He has done many good things for the movement.”

In December, Meckler was arrested for trying to carry a gun onto an airplane. Meckler was licensed to carry the gun in California, and declared the weapon, as is required, but his license wasn’t valid in New York, where he was trying to board the plane.

In January, Meckler pleaded guilty on disorderly conduct charges, for which he paid a small fine.

Since the incident, Meckler has kept a lower profile, with co-leader Jenny Beth Martin becoming the public face of the Tea Party Patriots.

This article was written by Jonathan Easly for the Hill; full article at the Hill

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